Large Wall Clock DIY Frameless for Home Office Decorations Gift Free Shipping UX091


  • Modern Design: Large Wall Clock and acrylic mirror surface, this 3D DIY wall clock will let you get lots of compliments when friends visit you and makes your house or office more modern style
  • Acrylic Mirror+EVA Foam: The numers are composed of the strong EVA foam and Acrylic mirror which presents 3D effect to decorate your living room ,kitchen or office perfect . Please note that the surface of the acrylic mirror has a protective film , please tear off after installation .
  • Easy to Install: Package includes self-adhesive stickers and auxiliary scale ruler for easier installation; the clock numbers and hands have a protect film,please tear it off after installation.
  • Silent Movement : This mute movement DIY clock will maximum reducing power consumption and give you a quiet night and effectively extending the life of the movement.

Product Features:
1.Stickers Made of EVA Foam Material and Acrylic Mirror Material, Which is Non Toxic and Non Fading, Can Last for About 8-10 Years.
2.Stickers Can be Removable ,With Glue on The Backside, Easy to Paste on The Wall or Any Other Clean and Smooth Surface; Such As Door ,the closet and so on.
3.The mirror with glue, before to paste the sticker on the wall, you need to paste the mirror on the sticker surface first.
4. Large Wall Clock DIY design, clock layout size measured by hands, can be ajust to be smaller or bigger size this is a 3D DIY wall clock,very nice one,high quality one.

Product Information:
Sticker Material: EVA Foam (Ethylene vinyl acetate)
Clock Material: Metal, EVA, Acrylic Mirror
Battery:1.5V AA battery 1 piece(without)
The clock size: 60cm x 55cm; 80*73cm; 100*91cm.
The clock final decoration size is decided by how you want to decorate you walls.
Choose color:Black  Gold  (has Mirror Acrylic)

Package Including:
1x Clock stickers
1x Clock mechanism Without battery

How to Install?
STEP1:Fasten the clock movement on the wall.
STEP2:peel off protection film from mirror,stick it on the EVA number.Cover the clock movement with the auxiliary scale,stick the numbers at the right site according to the scale.
STEP3:Take down the clock movement,fixing the hour hand ,then minute hand.Tips:press the clock hands into the clock axle and point at 12 o’clock.
STEP4:Adjust the time by button on the clock movement and install the battery.
STEP5:Hanging the clock movement on the wall.
STEP6:Well done!You can enjoy your art-work now(No retail packaging).

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100*100cm, 100*91cm, 60*55cm, 60*61cm, 80*73cm, 80*81cm


Black, Gold


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