Night Driving Glasses, Polarized HD Night Vision Glasses Anti Glare Yellow Tint for Men Women Free Shiping UX090

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  • Function: Reduce glare, add contrast to your vision and increase visual clarity when you drive at night, dusk or rainy day. Ensure driving safety on foggy or rainy days.
  • Super-Light: This Night Vision Glasses no pressure to your nose even you already have put your regular glasses on.
  • Prescription Glasses: Specially designed for wearing over prescription glasses. It can be easily put on your regular glasses.
  • UV protection sunglasses are essential to protecting your eyes against UVA&UVB damage and keeping your eyes healthy when out and about.
  • Keep your eyes healthy, bright and charming. Larger Field of Vision than ordinary sunglasses. Easily Fit Over Your Prescription Glasses.

Our  Night Vision Glasses will make you no longer afraid of driving at night or bad weather.
Have you been having trouble with nighttime glare when driving for some time? Feeling that those oncoming lights are going to blind you? Living in some wooded areas where night driving is painful and unsafe due to oncoming headlights and lots of deer? Our  Night Vision Glasses will make you no longer afraid of driving at night or bad weather.

A Pair of Sports Sunglasses That Won’t Break
Exceptionally sturdy and well made, this pair of active eyewear features an unbreakable frame, made of flexible TR90 material that has the ability to bend under pressure, without breaking.

Product Information
Size: 5.9 x 5.5 x 1.7 inches ( L x W x H )
Color: Shown as the pics
Weight: 36g

Package Including:
1 x Night Vision Glasses

Superior Protection & Comfort
Whether for running, skiing, snowboarding, cycling, hiking, tennis, fishing, golf or motorcycle driving, these active sunglasses offer reliable eye protection from UV, UB, wind, insects and dust. With their wraparound design that sits snugly and comfortably around the face, these anti-reflective sunglasses ensure they stay on at all times.

If the frame of your regular glasses is longer than 5.9 inches ( 15cm ), or its height is larger than 1.7 inches ( 4.3cm ), Do not buy it!

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7 reviews for Night Driving Glasses, Polarized HD Night Vision Glasses Anti Glare Yellow Tint for Men Women Free Shiping UX090

  1. Bertrand Amelie

    You see my picture,i wear it right away i got the product,becouse I was looking after this product for along time,even i didn’t remove the sticker from the glass.i was rush.
    Night Vision Glasses

  2. zarton

    I see the advertising and think this is a bunch of bologna but it¡¯s true. My eyes get tired at night and I have had to drive a hour at night and these yellow glasses are magic. Amazing how much better I feel driving at night with the glare and deer jumping out in front of me.”Night Vision Glasses


    I ordered these glasses for night time driving following cataract surgery. My eyes are much more sensitive to light following the procedure, especially the headlights of oncoming cars. The night glasses really help with that issue, and I feel more comfortable driving at night now. I highly recommend these glassed to everyone especially people looking for a larger fit!

  4. jannette

    These glasses are extremely helpful for night driving. Completely cut the glare of oncoming traffic. Light weight and easy to wear for small to large heads.

  5. Stewart Perry

    night driving glassesI have this night driving glasses, which allows me to use them when driving at night. They reduced the glare and made me more confident to drive. When it rains, driving glasses at night will help to clarify my vision, reduce the eye irritation caused by the opposite light. I feel safe and comfortable driving with them, and I won’t feel any discomfort. I would recommend these night driving glasses to anyone with glare problems at night.

  6. Taguchi Chiu

    I have always wanted one night vision glasses for my driving at night. This one works great for me especially I can wear it with my glasses. It does make a huge difference on driving in the evening and raining days.

  7. Farid Saidani

    I like this pair of night driving glasses. I used to avoid night driving because my vision was not that good until I got this. You can tell that it is well made and in very good quality. I used it on our road trip during memorial day weekend, the night vission glasses helped reducing the glare from the headlights of oncoming vehicles, and make me focus more. I would recommend the night driving glasses to friends who have vision issues at night for a try.

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